Ptolus: Pythoness Mercenary Guild

An Incomplete History
Written in a wry first-person...:)

We last left off in mid battle with Father Tobias and some snake-like woman and a room full of orcs and serpents. Fabitor fell down in mid battle and is currently laying on the ground. John is engaged with the serpents, with Chris moving up. Don has engaged all the orcs at the entrance with Phil still by the doorway casting. Initiative is as follows: John = 21 -Darryl =21(is going to attack Fabitor who is prone on the floor) -Them =21 -Don =21(currently his turn) -Chris =20(is going to attack the orc standing by himself) -Charlie =16(is going to cast bull strength on Chris) -Phil =12 We are currently waiting on John; Chris is drooling on the keyboard while playing the Beta version of Middle Earth Online which is really good!!(I was playing it before Chris came over; it plays much like EQ but with some really better graphics) – We are also working on what to order for food, Dave is currently on the phone and Don went upstairs to talk to Nancy and Jake. Also Charlie was talking to Dave about building him a new state of the art computer. – Phil is again, playing EQ as always. He is got his mage on and is down getting exp in the hole. *We might be starting without John; we also have to level up Charlie since we didn’t do it the last time we played. Sounds like John is here. Now we have to find a way to get Chris away from the computer since he looks addicted to it!! AND THE FIGHT CONTINUES……… We fill in John and Charlie on what they missed the last time since they were not here. John is happy that he can hear voices in his head due to the staff speaking to him. We feel the need to convert to the religion “Flying Spaghetti Monsterism” after Dave shows us the pamphlets and the written Gospel. We order food and begin again…. And now John is thinking he forgot to get Kate something to eat before he left. Everyone in unison says. McDonalds!! First roll and Don crits on the mob for 59 damage, splitting the mob in half. He cleaves into the next mob for 21 damage. Chris steps up and hits the orc for 29 damage. Charlie casts bull strength on Chris. Phil moves up behind Don and casts stone skin on him. John attacks the serpents in front of him for 10 damage. Darryl attacks Brother Fabitor for 24 damage. Fabitor tries to stand up but Darryl drops him back to the floor for 15more damage. The snake chick hits Darryl for 34 damage. One orc attacks Don and misses. The other one steps up and attacks Charlie for 9 damage. The other orc attacks Chris for 16 damage. The serpent attacks John and tries to grapple with him. John gets an attack of opportunity, and hits it stopping the grapple. Don steps up and attacks the ogre for 24 damage. Chris attacks the Bugbear for 28 damage. *Dave gets a phone call about work. We take a minute break. * The serpent-like mobs are called Griks. Charlie casts silence towards the mobs surrounding Darryl so they won’t be able to cast. Phil casts scorching ray on the mobs in front of Don for 33 damage. *We get off target and begin talking about how we all think (besides Dave) think Hillary Clinton will probably end up as the next president. * John pulls out his swords and attacks the Griks and misses. Darryl attacks Brother Fabitor for 27 damage. The snake chick attacks Darryl for 19 damage. The ogre in front of Chris attacks him for 14 damage. The girk in front of John tries to grapple him and he broke it. Brother Fabitor again tries to get back up and Darryl cracks his head open and drops him. *Food’s here. Food break!!* The fish fry’s were very good. We all start to make of Leroy Jenkins (Dave’s cat) who can’t make it thru the kitty door. We also bring up Dave’s previous cat Stinky who literally overdosed on catnip, and starts flipping out while Zack sat there and watched it. A moment of silence of Stinky the cat. Don pulverizes the ogre in front of him. Chris attacks the ogre for 38 damage. Charlie casts flame strike on the ogre that Chris is on for 39 damage and turns him to ash. (Chris is devastated). Phil steps up and casts lightening bolt against the snake chick for 42 damage, and she makes the saving throw taking only half damage. John attacks the serpent (crik) for about 10 damage Darryl hits her for 63 total damage. She returns and attacks him for a total of 72 damage. Don drops the ogre and Chris steps up and helps out Darryl, and gives him a heal for 10 damage. Dave starts showing us what his Black Berry rings when we all call him. (Some funny stuff) Don tells us he’s getting a cell phone. Dave starts playing Full Metal Jacket sounds clips on his computer. We all give Charlie homework. He has to go home and watch Full Metal Jacket before we play next week. Charlie steeps up and hits a grik with flame strike on it killing it. Phil steps up and casts shocking grasp on the snake chick but misses and ends up touching himself. Darryl drops the snake chick with 54 points of damage. We kill the rest of the mobs and begin the search the room. The table is covered with maps and papers which Phil takes and puts them all in the bag of holding form the pack meeting hall. On the bodies we find: Snake chick: a necklace with a large white stone A scroll with several spells A spell book A masterwork smitar A potion Brother Fabitor: A bone quaan ring A holy symbol of Lothian that emits evil A mace that glows A potion upon rolling him over we find out that he wasn’t human but a snake like person like the chick Darryl dropped. The rest of the mobs only had big clubs. We start to search the room for the other part of the spear. We find 300gold. We find a pouch with 500gold under a floor board and a locked chest. John breaks his lock pick trying to open it. Inside we find: -and ordinatmental flail -some carved andersite gems -ogre sized change of clothes -2flasks of poison We find a false bottom in the chest. We find a bottle of something we can not see. We continue to search the place and find a masterwork long sword, a jeweled hair clip and some boots with jems in them. We find a sickle and 6 emeralds in the room that the serpents were in. In the next room we find filled with spider webs like a spider lives here. There are several bodies in the room that look like they have been sucked dry. It looks like something metal is stuck in the webbing. The Voice tells John that the other piece of the staff is extremely close. Don walks in and tries to pull the object from the web. It is a glowing magical dagger. John cuts Don out of the webbing. We search a room that looks like it was at one time a storage room but it completely stinks of rotting and there’s a green like substance on the floor. The voice says it is now really close. Chris and John search the room and find an ancient rod with metal tips; the voice says that is it. It snaps into the top with ease. The voice now sounds older and louder and says now we need to go to the bane warrens and find the rest of it. We decide to go to the tower. There are bronze doors at the entrance to the tower. We head to the middle with the arms and the pillar with the basket of andersite off to the right. We put the andersite in the machine and it cuts it into a polished finished cut Andersite gem. We cut all 17 gems along with the 17 pounds worth in our bags. John notices a trap door in the ceiling above. John starts to climb up to the trap door and makes it. He finds an open ceiling with a large nest in one corner with a chest in another corner. There are 3 baskets filled with Andersite and there are animal bones and human bones strewn all over the place. In the nest John finds a pair of glowing magical boots with a human foot still in it. 10 gems worth of Andersite. In the chest we find 8 medium and 10 small and 5 large gems worth of Andersite. We get out our scrolls of teleporting and teleport out to the Pithenius house. Time passes slow in the Quaan which we find out that we technically were gone for only about 20 minutes of real time. 6442 experience for the fighting we did. We go and get some items appraised. Boots of flying from the harpy tower. *+1 one dagger of returning * +2 sickle 3500gold *+1 long sword which is worth 1500gold * One dose potion of invisibility * +1 sonic mighty cross bow (goes to Don) * 6 emeralds worth 500gold * Boots with the gems is worth 400gold * We sell one small piece of andersite for 100gold – 200 for medium and 400 for the large piece * They would not take the flail * The necklace is a parafiat of wisdom= increases wisdom * A scroll with two spells =cure moderate wounds and protection of the elements * A master work Scimitar worth 800gold * +2 mace worth 800 gold (give it to Charlie) We go thru the papers from the hall table and find: They were after a relic called the black grail. They assemble 4 teams to go in and find them, we encountered 3 of them. We are mentioned several times in there. They also mention another item they found with a wish spell on it that is being dispatched immediately. The grail is being held in the heart of the warrens called Termork Corren. When one drinks from it, you are bound to them. We need to move into the inner warrens next time. We will be playing at Chris’s next week due to him having problems at home so we will be shifting gears and going to his house. I also need to get my armor fixed (Darryl) due to it being somewhat eaten by acid. Our next goal is to find the rest of the spear that’s inside the warrens. * Notes from session 2.16.07 *We are currently waiting for the rest of the gang to get here. We are waiting on John, Don, and Brian is going to stop by and hang with us for the night. * *Darryl, Chris, Charlie and Phil are talking about work while we wait. Dave is working on updating Chris’s router. LOL…we are now teasing Phil if he’s old enough to Drink. We are also now talking about how someone wrote a thesis on how to connect the first three Star Wars movies to the last three. Very interesting concepts. Funny ones too. *Now Dave is looking at Matt’s computer which isn’t working / running too fast. We are now reminiscing about the last time we played D & D down in Chris’s basement, some are not very fond memories for Chris due to we ended up blowing up his tower campaign which wasted month’s worth of work for him. Oh those were the days. LOL John is here. We now start to get orders together for food. We all start teasing Don who ordered a quart of Brisk Soup for himself. WE BEGIN=== Charlie’s homework again for the week==watch the movie Full Metal Jacket We decide that we need to go and see Jevica and tell her not to finish locking up the Bane Warrens so we can get back in there and find the rest of the staff of shards. We go to the Ghostly Minstrel to go and see her. We inform her that we have found a way to destroy the hand which locks the door. We show her the staff. She tells us that the rest of the staff should be located near the inner warrens where the dread one actually died. She also tells us that Father Fabitor had followers who were looking for a sword of lies which is located in the warrens. She is really worried about that. The sword can be used against spell casters. It is believed to be in the warrens. We also tell her about another party is heading down to the warrens. There might be some good items in the warrens before the Dread One became bad. But we first need to get Darryl’s armor fixed, and do some shopping for some better gear. Brian’s here We go to the shop Bull in Bear Blue armor. The Clerk’s name Hirus Darryl hands him 50gold and his armor so it can be repaired. He is told it will take about four hours. Phil heads to the caster’s shop to go and look for some newer gear. Maritha’s Oddities. He is looking for the spell Tongues, with no luck. We wait four hours and go back and pick up Darryl’s armor which is now fixed. We now begin to head back to the Bane Warrens. FOOD’S HERE!!! We head into the warrens. The guards let us in. We hear workers working on the machine which are now guarded by mages. We finish eating. Check out a few things on line and continue… We head back into the warren and head back towards where we banished the demon. As we move in we notice that the temperature has dropped considerable. We see ruins written above the door. Darryl opens the door and sees a pool in the center with a fountain in the middle of it. There is a lion style fountain that the top has been broken off. There is a nasty sludge in the bottom of the fountain that gives off a nasty order. The walls are painted with angelic style paintings. We move to the other side of the hallway. The other door opens up into an L shaped room with tarps on the floor. There are scones on the wall that haven’t been lit. There are several tables in this room. We do a search of the room and find really nothing of value. There are three other doors in this room. The door to the left opens up into a larger darker room. This white marble flooring in here. There are paintings of people on the walls with the faces defaced so u can not make them out. There is a alter in the middle of the room with what looks like blood stains on and around it. Off in the distance we see a light glow coming from the other side of the alter down the doorway. Phil casts mage armor and Charlie casts Bull Strength on Don before we head in. The voices in John’s head say the other piece is much farther in. We head in and begin to search the room. In the southwest corner we find a table with six dinner trays with covers on them. In the opposite corner we find a table with six white silk cloths and a silver flask. Darryl and Chris go and search the alter. It looks like something pushed it’s way out from the inside. We notice that something with red eyes is looking at us from the darkened hallway. The creature looks at us. It is rotting; it has pointing ears and is greenish in color. Chris throws a rock at it and hits for 1 damage. John throws a throwing star at it and misses. Don holds and stands guard. Brian (who’s playing the monsters for the night) it holds up a symbol of Lothian upside down which is permeating evil and it begins to cast. Darryl and Chris make their saving throws. We don’t feel anything wrong but our ears are filled with an ancient gibberish that we can not understand. Charlie casts searing light. Darryl stands and holds his position. Phil moves back some. Chris begins to cast turn undead but fails. John throws another star, but misses. Don moves up. The monster turns into a cloud of gas and moves towards Don, It then turns back and attacks Don but misses. Charlie casts turn undead on the monster and nothing happens. Darryl steps up and swings but misses. Phil moves up and clears off the table in the corner, he decides to go and loot instead of helping!! Chris steeps up next to Darryl and swings but misses. John moves up and attacks for 8 damage. Don attacks for 14 damage. Brian attacks Chris for 11damage and makes his fort and will saves. Charlie casts prayer on the group. Darryl swings and misses. Phil begins casting dancing lights on the mob. Chris swings and misses. John swings and misses. Don swings and hits the mob for 31 damage. Brian attacks Chris and it takes his wisdom down to twelve, along with nine damage. Darryl attacks the mob for 10 damage; he turns into a gas form and begins to head away. Phil moves in and tells John to move out of the way. Chris casts divine favor on himself. John back flips out of the way, and the gas cloud takes off down the hallway. Phil casts fire ball in the hallway. Phil goes over and checks out what is under the serving trays and gets 23 damage on the electrical charge upon removing the cover. Charlie casts halo on the room. Under the first cover is a set of human like lungs. Upon casting halo, Charlie feels the evil in the room overcome it. There is an arcane trap on the trays. Darryl lifts covers to see what was under the rest of the lids and finds a brain, a heart, a set of kidneys, another lung and spleen. Also as Darryl removes the lids the platters seem to age rapidly. As we begin to move down the hallway, the monster (Brian) appears behind us and attacks Charlie dropping him a level and hitting him for 11 damage. We make out at the end of the hallway a room we can see a white box in the middle of the room and we hear a low chant coming from that way. Chris hits Brian for 13 damage. John moves over towards the mob and attacks 13 damage. Don swings and hits the mob for 21 damage. Brian steps up and attacks Don for 12 damage he misses his wisdom save. Charlie casts searing light. Darryl bull rushes the room and knocks the box off the pillar back five ft and to the floor while taking 28 damage. Phil moves up. Chris goes over to the table and grabs the bottle off the table. He takes the top off and pours some of its contents on the alter. Nothing happens. Charlie moves up somewhat and hits the box with flame strike on the box 29 damage. The box shatters; a cloud comes out and again takes form. Darryl attacks the monster for 15 damage. Also the door swings open and five mobs come in that appear to destroy us. They all look undead. Chris casts turn undead and manages to destroy two of them. John heads back and helps Chris while Don steps up and attacks the original monster. Brian casts something on Don and Darryl. Don makes his save, while Darryl misses his. He runs away screaming, he gets hit for 13 damage, looses a level. The undead mobs hit Phil with it’s chain for 8 damage. Charlie hits the clouded with flame strike and drops it. Darryl is no longer turned, but is disorientated from it’s affects. Phil steeps up to attack. Chris attacks and hits for 32 damage. John attacks for 6 damage; the monster rolls for it’s fortitude save but wait, you can not stun the dead!!! The other mobs step up and attack John. They hit him for 21 damage. Charlie tries to turn undead but misses. Darryl steps up and attacks for 15 damage. Phil just stands around deciding to watch us. Chris attacks for 25 damage. John attacks for 6 damage and forces the mob to make a strength check.. It makes it’s save. Don steps up and attacks. He hits for 18 damage and drops it. The monsters attack John and hit him for 14 and 9 damage. Darryl attacks for 15 and 11 damage while Phil continues to stand and watch, he’s asking for popcorn. Chris attacks for 33 points of damage. John attacks for 6 damage and a trip. He misses on the trip. Don steps up and attacks and drops the first one, he cleaves into the next one but misses. The monster steps up and attacks Darryl for 11 damage. Charlie steps up and heals Darryl for 24 points and Darryl ends up dropping the mob. We all get 1417 experience points. We are Ding level 11!! *remind Dave about the spells from the book we got from the snake chick. We all work on leveling up our characters. We are going to stay here and rest up. Get our spells and levels up. * Notes from session 3.23.07 We make it back to the Pythoness House. It turns out that we have been underground for the last several weeks. It turns out that we have lost some of the contracts that have brought some of the funds into the house have been cancelled. Again someone came by and again enquired about the hammers. Another man has come by inquiring about us in that he fought with us in the battle of brindle. He seeks an audience with us = enter Gary=. Don is telling us that he wants a midget Brian is over running Chris. John and Charlie are both absent today. Chris is at the Sabers game. He comes with a key and map to the halls of Cordaris. He thinks we rubbed someone the wrong way. The two houses that are canceling there accounts with us are friends with the house of Vladaam. He fills us in on what he has which is a map to the lower levels of the city and wishes to include us in his travels. *foods here so we are getting ready to eat and take a small break. * We talk to Grim tooth about the map. It’s called the temple of Cordaris. It’s a temple consisted of two levels and is located underneath the city in the delver’s guilds territory. With the map and a key we can stake a claim. We just need to join the guild. It’s twenty gold to join the guild. They do get a percentage of what we find of what we find down there once we become a member. We sleep for the night. We wake up to a quiet house. The Speaker Winston, from Drellins Ferry (and the owner of the house) is talking to a few people. He sees us and turns to greet us. He tells us of how his daughter died over seas. When the boat got here to the dock it mysteriously sank to the bottom. From eyewitnesses there was no fire and no explosions it just sank. No one survived. He wants us to investigate because he trusts us. She was six years old. We head out to the harbor. The market place is busy. We start to see the lighthouse in the distance as we approach the harbor. Immediately as we enter the docks we see an island in the harbor with the lighthouse on it. We see the dock master named Secker. We find out that the boat was called the arrowhead. It was approaching ok then just mysteriously sank. He tells us to go down to pier five and tells us to talk to Tirus Green. He will take us to the site and won’t charge us anything to do it. He is a fisherman. He doesn’t fish for a living but he takes people to and from the boats that come in. We are all to heavy so we are going to send in the monk We wait a half hour due to eating and then decide to go for a swim. Dave thinks Phil is a retard for saying he can see underwater in the dark. =) We load ourselves into the skiff and head out. He takes us out to near where the boat sank. Charlie / Gary casts locate object on the family crest that Winston gave us before we left. We get that it is out about another 1200 yards out from where we are and straight down. We make it out to where the spell tells us where it is located. The fisherman tells us that we are now past the drop off and that we are farther out from where the boat was originally went down. We drink the potions then descend downward. We make it to the bottom and we don’t see the wreck anywhere. There’s debris everywhere. After about thirty minutes of searching we find an undersea cave where it looks like things were dragged inside. We approach the entrance of the cave which is about fifteen feet wide. There is also a pocket of air in the top of the cave. It opens up above water level into a sandy area and into a corridor off to the right. It narrows as it goes farther away. It curves and opens up into a larger area. We see several barrels all sealed up with the crest on it. We also see a child sized casket that has been opened up. Upon inspection we find out that the casket has been opened up from the inside out and we see a dead fishlike person dead on the ground in front of us. We keep moving forward and we hear a struggle in the room ahead of us. The girls name is Linelle. As we come around the corner we see Linelle covered in blood, with these fish like creatures trying to take her down. Don steps up and attacks the fish for 19 damage. Brian / Chris detects evil coming from off of the girl and the room in general. Brian attacks for 19 damage. John steps up to attacks and misses. Gary steps up and casts a cone of eldritch flame for 39 damage. Charlie casts turn undead on the mobs, and manages to turns Linelle from the fishy men. Phil runs up behind Don and casts bull strength on him. Now Phil is debating with Dave on if he rolls a 20 he should be able to attack twice. Chris / Brian attacks and hits for 41 damage dropping the fish. Charlie / Gary casts bless on the party. Gary forks an eldritch blast on the mobs hitting them all dropping one of the three. They turn to Don and throw down there weapons in surrender. John / Darryl goes and checks on Linelle. She is covered in blood with fangs out and pointy ears. Charlie casts a spell to see if we can understand them. They say that sharks sank the boat. The girl was a surprise. They just scavange the sea floor for goods and turn and sell the goods on the market. They sell them to the crime family that recently stopped selling to us. Don steps up and attacks Linelle for 30 damage. Brian / Chris hits for 28 damage. She died. She was a thrall at this point from what the new guy tells us. We continue to talk to them. It turns out that he was smuggling in opium into the city. This is there sleeping chambers. They are now in our debit. We tell them they now work for us. We will have them meet one of our representatives on the dock area to pass on new goods. We find 17 sealed barrels all sealed with drugs. We tell them to send up the barrels a few at a time and they will meet one of our people at the docks. We also find a human corpse in the corner. He has three breathe underwater potions. He also has a ring with a crest on it. It is the crest of the Balacazar crime family. Don cuts off the head and the hand. As we start coming up to the surface some of us notice a large 60 ft shark swimming in the distance. It gives no indication that it has seen us at anytime. We make it back to the skiff and begin to head back to the docks. We tell the fisherman what we saw. He tells us that we are seeing things and miss judged the size of what we saw. We start to head back. John goes to the dock master and tells him about the 60 ft shark. He doesn’t believe us. *WE are all cracking up because Brian is trying to set up Don’s voice mail and we got something really funny we are going to add as his message…it’s going to be a classic We take the body back to the Pythoness house; we are about ¾ of the way back to our house. As we come up the street we see a kobold with a red hand painted on his chest. He says he is here to avenge his brother’s death, and he says he is here to avenge the red army family. Don starts to argue with the little guy, he looks at Don’s knee cap and issues a challenge to Don. Don starts laughing. He hits Don in the knee cap for 37 damage. Don misses and he hits Don again for 29 damage. Don goes into a berserker rage and attacks. He hits him with the flat side of his sword and stuns him. He looks surprised turns and bolts. John goes to try and find the little guy. We keep mixing up EQ with D & D We make it back to the house uneventful. He is glad that we brought his daughter’s body back. We explain to him how we found several barrels of opium with his crest seal on it. He is very surprised at what we tell him. Ask him if he knew the reasons behind his daughter’s death. We also tell him that he needs to have his daughter’s body blessed since she was the undead. He has no idea on how this has happened and he is going to inquire about how the drugs ended up on his boat We also tell him about the member of the Balacazar crime family that was found dead down there. He thinks he needs to start talking with his estranged wife and see what she’s up to. We now head down to the delver’s guild. We talk to Captain Vail on keeping an eye out on a kobold that is out seeking vengeance on us. Don is now sporting knee caps and a cod piece. Chris is now being played by Darryl. It is quite busy in the marketplace. We know are looking at John’s character sheets and Brian notices some things are wrong. We also hear from Dave on how Don’s just along for the ride, and if we need him to be a druid he’s a druid. The guild is set up like a flea market. There are tables and merchants set up everywhere. As we walk thru the door we are greeted by a blonde haired lady. We inquire with her on how to become members of the guild. They don’t want any items but they want to record what you find. We start to get registered and call ourselves the helper monkeys of the Brindle brigade. We fill out the proper forms and pay the necessary funds to become members. The sewers are good for traveling to areas to some of the deeper areas. We head to the map room. We get a good general feeling that the area we are looking for is underneath the south market area. We start looking for some access to the area we are trying to get. *We leave off here. * We end on talking shop about EQ Ok notes from mission log of 3/30/07 This will be short and sweet since this is Chris takin the nightly notes instead of Daryl since he’s a baby ass who needs sleep after doing overnights waaa waaa waaa (bitch). Ok Daryl just called --“im sooo tired my mommy had to wake me up” and is OTW finally so im done doin the damn notes. Lol… …..and now Darryl is taking the notes for a while. Yes he showed up. And will be taking the notes for a while. *we are currently in the map room getting ready to move out. We are finally getting ready to start and ===doorbell rings food’s here!! We head into the sewers. Everything’s been pretty much been ransacked. We are heading towards the Halls of Cordaris. About 300 years ago he was using a magical item during a time when magic was outlawed. It is at this time considered like a holy grail of church lore. We have a key that is a key to a vault that holds it. We are descending as we move farther down the hall. As we move some of us can here a screaming ahead of us. We start to hear what sounds like armored feet moving towards us. It sounds like there are ten people moving towards us. It sounds like they are running for their lives. The first person we see is someone running towards us. He has blood all over him and is carrying broken weapons. They have looks of complete terror being chased by six orcs. They see us and proceed to run. John runs up and attacks the orc in the back with a flying kick and snaps its neck. We proceed to run them down. John drops another one, Gary drops one, Don drops one & another one. Sabers are winning 5 to 1 WOOT!! Some of us are seeing an unnatural glow up ahead. We proceed to move up on. We can see the glow getting brighter as we move on. It is lighting up an archway with a camp fire nearby. There is a dead priest, a dead female elf, and two dead orcs on the ground. It looks like they approached them and attacked. The female elf has a wand on her that glowed. The cleric’s symbol and shield glowed. We proceed to rummish thru the orcs belongings. We find a wooden chest, it is very dirty and sealed very good. John manages to disarm the trap and picks the lock. Inside is a large egg shaped gem glowing with abjuration magic. We search the area and find out where they found the chest. The human and elvish bodies have wayfarer’s paperwork on them. We continue downward. A few more miles down the tunnel opens up into a larger cavern. We believe that we found the doorway into the Halls of Cordaris. We try the key which opens the door. We mark the doorway and mark the entrance with our mark, staking our claim to it. It looks like no ones been by here in a long time. Inside it looks like no ones been side here for about 200 years. The walls look scorched by something other than fire, like a magical blast of some kind. The first room looks like a guard’s room. The walls look scarred and there are human skeleton remains in this room. Room 14 – 15, in here we find a wooden table and desk. We find a dagger and a sword on the floor and a silver platter sitting on the table. It looks like at one time there might have been food on it. We find a hidden drawer with some scrolls that crumble to dust as we pick them up along with a vial. It looks as we approach the next room that the door is being barred for some way. Something is keeping us from keeping us from opening it. As we push the door open we can here something dragging on the floor as we do it. We find a body on the floor. We find the door has been blocked by books and tables. On the paladin we find a sword draped across him and two other bodies lying on the floor. We also find on note on the body. It looks like a top notch sword but it doesn’t glow. We enter the next room to discover 3 chests and proceed to open them. Chest one holds 8 bottles of a high quality looking elven wine; chest 2 contains 4 oil paintings on canvas4×4 depicting outdoor scenes all with the same signature at the bottom; chest 3 contains a large silver cup encased in gems that gives off a magical glow. As we leave the room we encounter 4 skeletons coming down the hall toward us; their guts appear to still be intact and are moving in (I think they are friendly). We decide to back up into the room to engage them. Drindan turns undead and nothing happens on a roll of 19-ouchies are incoming. Thrognik turns undead and they just laugh,. So far the strategy to back up has drastically backfired since we are reduced to don blocking the doorway and no one being able to attack. Don steps back out of doorway and we all get to do something - finally . We now begin walking thru these piddle weak mobs once again. We win !!! We move down the hall and investigate 2 rooms to no avail; we proceed down the hall to a set of double doors and we feel a presence of evil on the other side;;;FIGHT ON ! As the pally kicks open the door the room has a pit with a see thru floor ;we are unable to see from our viewpoint what is there but on the other side is a 20’ tall monstrosity all black with black flames rippling from its body-what has the Pally done??? Find out next week -same D+D time;same D+D place =====NANANANANA BATMAN LOL Notes from session 4.13.07 Chris decided to go to the Bandits game, so he will probably be a little late getting here. Charlie has moved and is now being run by Dave’s son Zack, we are not sure where John is, so Zack is going to run the monk also. We are now getting ready to deal with what the Pally has done. Great he breaks in the door and leaves us to deal with his mess. We all have found ourselves except for the pally rooted out in the hallway. Taking a few minutes to order food and getting ready to pull Chris’s corpse out of the way….hehe It appears to be giving off a black flame which seems to be what has scorched the walls outside this room. Don runs in and attacks for 12 damage. Gary fires off and eldritch blast and hits it for 27 damage, but wait there’s more, it absorbed the blast!!!..Do’H. The creature looks at Don and Don fears him in place. It raises it’s hand…black fire condescences into a fire ball and flies at Gary barely missing him. The monk steps up and attacks…but misses. Zack the Cleric casts mass aid. Phil is delaying his action (pansy!!) Chris looks down to see what is under the see thru floor. It’s about 200 feet down and with about a 180 foot statue of a large angelic looking person. He then runs up next to Darryl. Don is able to stand his ground, but is not able to attack. He starts to go into rage. Gary hits him with a blast of acid for 23 points of damage, no saving throw is needed. Darryl hits him for 14 damage. The creature points a finger at Gary….a black shaped skull forms and flies and hits Gary, he makes his save but takes 17 points of damage. It feels like it has hit him in the soul. He feels weak. It reaches down to try and attempt to disarm Don, he attacks back and hits 16 damage. Food’s here…quick break John / Gary attacks, swinging and screaming, like a girl!!…get away! Get away! Zack the cleric casts doom on the creature, but it blocks it. Chris attempts to smite evil and misses. Don goes into a berserker rage and attacks for 14 damage. He takes 8 damage from the acid attack and Gary huddles the ground behind the dwarfs and hits him with another acid attack for 28 damage. It howls in pain! Darryl swings and misses all three times.(pansy) The creature again attempts to disarm Don, who counter attacks to try and block it. It comes very close to try disarming him. The monk circles around tries to hit it ….again to no avail. The cleric is now trying to cast banishment on the creature. He succeeds in casting the spell, The creature starts to fade away like it was going to work……but regains itself. Phil attacks and misses. Chris blesses his weapon. Don attacks for 10 damage. Gary acid hits for 18 more damage. Gary asks the creature to open up and say ahhh…..and hits it for 23 more damage. Darryl is hoping to get some double digits on his rolls as he misses again. The creature now frustrated over trying to disarm Don raises both hands in the air…..and raises them like he just don’t care…all the people in the house say woooo!!...and brings them down on Don for 27 damage. The monk finally hits for 15 damage!! Cleric boy, the dps machine he is, ……still deciding. Phil casts magic missle and misses. Chris swings and misses. Now Cleric boy decides what to do and blesses Don weapons since he seems to be the only melee actually hitting. Don steps up and attacks it dropping the mob….it dematerializes as it hits the floor. It looks like the creature looks like it has been in here for a while. We find a book on the alter that crumbles into dust as we try to look at it. We also see 4 doors that lead out of this area. Dave is now trying to figure out all the experience we are supposed to be getting since it’s been a while. We all get 6243 for experience, along with 59 pts for rescuing the girl bringing us to 66000 total exp. We are now at level 12!! We search the alter and find a copper dagger on it. We search the room and decide to check the door on the far side. We hear nothing. The monk is now checking the doors for traps. We open the door next to the alter and we smell a rancid smell. There is benches and cloaks in here along with the remains of a chair on the floor. There is a door on the other side that is partially opened. The smell is coming from in there. Darryl goes over and opens up the door… it opens up into a larger room and it descends down to another partially open and the floor is filled up with raw sewage about half way. We can see somewhat on the other side and see that the corridor continues. We can see skeletal remains are floating in the sewage. Don decides to wade across it with Darryl on his back, but after seeing Dave get out his book of diseases we all change our minds and get out of it. Judging from Gary’s map, it looks like this leads up to a shop up top and this has been tied into the city’s sewer system. We open the door to the far left. It looks like this is the priest’s sleeping chambers. Everything looks rotted and decaying, we find 12 ancient coins. We do some extra searching and find an oak wooden box in very good condition. We open it up and find out it is a music box. We open the double doors on the other side of the room and we find a staircase leading down. We open the final door and find two long bookcases full of books with a table and chairs in the middle. Everything looks really well preserved. We see green lights up near the ceiling. Cleric boy starts to cast detect magic…one of the green lights descends down …it looks like a green skull it’s mouth opens and shoots a green light at the party for 18 points of damage…Darryl, Chris made their saving throw and take 8 damage. Gary takes no damage. Everybody else takes full damage. It finishes and floats back up to the ceiling. Cleric boy steps up into the room…and notices there are 5 floating skulls ….and begins casting turn undead. He misses and the skulls start laughing at him. The monk climbs the bookcase…and jumps up to grab one of the skulls. He got enough air, swings and hits it with his chucks for 6 pts of damage. Gary decides to wait …..Chris steps in and fires his crossbow and misses.. He does detect evil coming from them. Gary makes his move and hits 2 of them with an eldritch fire damage for 17 and 8 damage. One dies in a spoof of bone dust. Darryl steps in and fires his cross bow and misses. One of the skulls fires a fireball for 19 damage, major ouch. One of the others fires a magic missile on Don for some damage. Phil casts scorching ray on them destroying one of them. Cleric boy casts levitate on Don. The monk tosses a flask of acid at one for 4pts of damage. Gary forks his lightening bolt at 3 of them…. Taking 16 damage and 8 damage to the other 2. Don steps up and swings his axe at them like a baseball bat…..rolling a one and missing tripping over an invisible turtle. Darryl shoots a cross bow at it hitting it with a bolt…but it just bounces off of it. Another fireball is casted in the room for 15 damage and half if the saving throw is made. The monk accidentally drinks a potion of acid…..ouch!! Gary forks another lightening bolt shattering another skull and hitting the other 2 for 15 damage. Chris fires 2 more cross bow bolts and misses…..i think it’s time that the real Chris to roll since I suck rolling for him. He called and is on his way over. Dave decided to give Don a new set of dice since he’s been rolling pretty good….and he has yet to roll a double digit on it…lol. Don … looking for that invisible turtle…steps up and swings, he hits dropping one leaving one skull left all by himself. He cleaves and hits the lone skull for damage. The skull hits Don for 5 on a magic missle. One reforms and casts a fireball on everybody for 15 damage. And Woot Chris made it here and brought some friends….his kids. Cleric boy casts mass group heal….healing us for 24 curing damage. We drop both of the skulls that are up…..all the bones shards on the floor do a little dance….and then stop moving. We search the room and find…books, and books, and more books. We take some of the books that look like they are worth good value to sell. We have started to decend the staircase. We dwarves have noticed we have gone down some 200 feet down. It opens up into a larger chamber. The stairs continue downward while on the other side of this room, there is a set of blue double doors that is glowing magically delicious. The walls are cracked, and seeping from the cracks is some of the raw sewage we have been smelling upstairs. There is also a raised pedestal that the door is on. The floor is covered in sewage. Don starts to float across the room when he notices a movement in the water below him. I tentacle made of raw sewage comes out of the water and tries to grapple with Don. Don cuts the tentacle off….and something larger comes out of the water. Darkshroud the monk realizes what we are fighting….he’s seen it before…it’s dungy and he’s back and better than ever!!!!! Now what has the Barbian done??....will Don get swallowed by the new and improved Dungy?....and if he does get swallowed will we leave him??. Tune in next week…..same D&D time…….same D&D channel…same D&D station…….NaNANANaNa…….Batman!!!! =)) Notes from session 4.20.07 The Barbarian stands before the newer, improved, dungy. Holding till everybody else gets here. Gary just got here…and we are filling in the new guy who has joined us. Ok all are here and we are waiting for John now. ….and still waiting…..and still waiting. We are now no longer waiting. We have ordered food and are getting ready to start. AAAAAAAAHHHHhhhhhh….man the TV froze!!!...and the live feed from the sabres game has froze. There’s a chilling cry for vengeance and for someone’s head!! Oh and now we get the commercials….hopefully everything’s back to normal. Ok now we get a picture..WOOT!!!! And the sabres scored!!!! 1 – 0 Sabres. Don is standing before Dungy. His tentacles are reaching upward trying to grapple with Don. John begins pulling the rope that’s tied around his waist. Gary hits it with an acid blast. It has no affect. Chris helps out John in pulling the rope. Dungy reaches up with a shitenacles, and hits Don for 17 points of damage, and he is starting to feel it burning him. Darryl searches the wall for the toilet handle to flush it, but then realizes there is none and helps the others in pulling Don back to the party. We pull Don back, the turd turns and moves towards us. John throws a bottle of healing potion at it….it sticks to him and then sinks inside it. Gary hits it a blast of pure energy…..and pieces and chunks fall off the mob into the water. Chris pulls out his crossbow and fires it hitting it for 2 damage. Oh and the sabres scored again 2 – 0!! Woot!! Wow and some monster saves by Ryan Miller!! Darryl takes a few steps back and holds a defensive position. Don swings and attacks, he hits it for some damage but on the second attack he gets his axe stuck in Dungy. Food’s here so we are getting ready to eat. Phil takes a step back and gets ready to cast a fireball on Dungy, hitting him for 28 pts of damage. It heated up Dungy some, but did no real damage. Woot the Sabres just scored again 3 – 0 We are taking a break to eat real quick. John’s here! Woot!...Okay we are done eating, we finish watching the gamers, and we now are getting ready to continue getting slaughtered by Dungy. Argh….Islanders scored …score is now 3 – 1 Sabres Woot Sabres scored again now the score is 4 – 1 Sabres Ok onward! Islanders scored 4 – 2 Sabres Cleric boy turns and runs up the stairs, John steps up and attacks for 11 damage. He makes his saving throw so he doesn’t get sucked in. Gary does a maximum damage of 60 damage blowing off a huge chunk of Dungy’s which sinks into the water. Dungy attacks John for 18 damage and makes his grapple check. Darryl pulls out his crossbow and misses with his shot. Don makes an attempt to retrieve his axe, but it slips out of his hands. Islanders scored again now it’s 4 – 3 Sabres. Phil hits the mob with a lightening bolt and which shoots right thru the mob….it reforms filling the wound. Cleric Boy keeps heading up the stairs. John attacks and hits for 11 damage and manages to keep his weapon from being stuck. Gary hits Dungy again for a max damage spell for 48 damage. We see something dissipate that was holding it together and he just sinks into the mush. Don begins to search for his missing axe in the sewage, and he eventually finds it in the bottom. We wade across and make it to the blue glowing set of doors. We check the door and can’t find a handle. We notice that the door is magically sealed. There are runes on the door. They look like they are from the church of Lothian in origin. The script says that ..”Only a holy of Lothian can enter past these doors. Woot Sabres won 4 – 3….can you say second round? We continue down the staircase. We the dwarves feel like we have gone down about 300 feet down. We eventually make it to the bottom and we can see the giant statue in here. We can see the glass ceiling and see a door at the base of the statue. We walk into the base of the statue. Inside the base is about 80 ft around. There is a staircase that spirals up. On both sides of the staircase are 2 smaller statues that look exactly like the 400 foot statue. Everything is pure white in color and polished. As we step into the room, as we get to the halfway point of the room, both statues begin to move forward and approach Darryl, as he moves closer, both statues get within striking distance and attack. Hitting him for 49 points of damage. He begins to step back and they keep following him attacking Darryl again for 25 more points of damage. Chris uses a hero point, rushes into the room and does a lay hands heal on Darryl and steps up and attacks, hitting for 7 damage. Darryl uses his hero point, does a precision bull rush on the right leg. He takes out the one’s leg…..toppling it onto the other one dropping them both to the ground now scrambling to get back up…..Gary does a magical attack on them …..They seem to absorb the attack. Don steps up and hits the one for 15 damage. John moves in and takes position….Chris swings, but trips over an invisible turtle. Cleric boy comes in and heals the dwarfen fighter for 25 hitpoints, Gary hits one for acid blast, it has stopped trying to move….pinning the other mob underneath it. The statue tries to get up and fails. John attacks for 12 damage. Chris attacks for 11 damage. Phil just sits there looking tired. Darryl hits for 28 damage. Gary hits it with an acid attack for 15 damage. Don attacks it for 26 damage, bashing in it’s head and it stops moving. We decide to stop… up and heal up. We send word up top that we need a cleric of Lothian, who will be coming down with his escort. We now are taking the time to level up since we leveled the last time we played. We get experience and are now at a total experience of 68428. We are also taking the time to rest, since we have been moving for the last 3 days for little to no rest….it’s napping time. We are teasing Phil over the way he is leveling up his character. Phil is done, working on leveling up John’s character now. Working on Cleric boy. We are telling him that he needs to cross class and take up necromancer as a second class….=) We leave off here. We camp here to med and to remember spells. So what do we do now? Are we going to kick even better ass now that we are better?..stronger?....Even more drunk? LOL and just where oh where is that cleric from the church of Lothian? And when he comes will he bring us a pizza and Don a change of clothes? Tune in next week …..same D & D time……same D & D place ….same D & D channel……Nananana…nanana….ananananaNAH!!!! NOTES FROM SESSION 6.15.07 From last time we played, we made it to the main lobby area of Dwarvenhearth. We sunk across to the chambers of the day king. We opened the door and walked in. There’s a lot of dust on the floor like no ones been in here for quite some time. It is eerily quiet and there’s no rubble. In the center of the door is a locking mechanism with a center key – like area in the middle that looks like the one of the war hammers will fit inside. Thurilin (Darryl) inserts his hammer and the door opens. A gust of wind comes out as the doors open, like the area was sealed very good. The door opens up into a large courtyard, with three tunnels leading off the main courtyard. Pillars and magical glowstones that are giving off a natural light to lumminate the area surround it. The tunnel in front of us appears to be opening up into a larger area with a set of stairs leading up. We shut the door behind us and proceed to enter. We head to the left corridor. It is lined with doors with a set of large double doors at the end. We open the doors and find a lot of eating and dining areas. We open the double doors and find a large dining area with a kitchen off the back of it. We also find a storage room off the side of the kitchen area with a set of stairs leading down to a cold storage area. On the other side we find a mustering area. It is lined with benches and practice dummies. Off of this we find an armory neatly lining the walls. Off of this we find a map room and meeting halls along with a commander’s office, filled with some very ornate gear in the room with bunks off of that. Down the middle it opens up into a larger area. There are two large dwarven statues, with a huge stone throne sitting in the back. Thurilin approaches the throne. As he approaches he notices that the hammer feels lighter. He goes and sits on the throne. It feels comfortable. He searches the throne and finds a hidden compartment with a clear liquid vial inside. Thrognik (Chris) goes and searches the statues. The names on them are Moradin and Morachin. They are the pantheon of the day and night kings. We head to the back door behind the throne. There are two slots in this door for both hammers. We insert our hammers and the door opens. Inside is a chest in the middle of the room with eight dwarves standing in the middle of the room surrounding the chest with eyes glowing. Thrognik and Turilin enter the room and they begin the advance towards us. The cleric in the group notices that they have no souls. They all move in on the two dwarves. Cleric boy casts mass bless on the group. Yoshi (Ty) steps up and attacks for 16 damage. They hit Thrognik for 22 points of damage and Thurilin for 16 points of damage. Sark (Gary) casts an eldrish blast and misses. Hitting Baffren in the head for 22 damage. Thurilin hits one of them for 47 points of damage. Baffern (Phil) takes two steps to the left and casts mass bull strength on the party. Thrognik attacks the one that Thurilin hit and drops him. He crumbles into a pile of dust, and he hits the other one for 22 points of damage. Darkshoud (John) moves up. Kurggan (Don ) steps up and hits. Cleric boy steps up and heals Baffern for 17 points of damage. Yoshi attacks and misses. Yoshi gets attacked for 32 points of damage. Thrognik gets attacked but they miss. Kurggan gets hit for 19 points of damage. Sark casts an eldrish blast and hits one of them for 13 points of damage. Turilin drops one with 50 damage and cleaves into the next one with 20 damage. Baffren casts three rays and hits them for 29, 9 on two mobs. Thrognik swings and misses the mob, but he does manage to hit his brother Thurilin for 13 points of damage. Darkshoud swings and hits for 23 points of damage and drops him. Kurggan swings and hits one and drops him. He cleaves into the next one for 28 points of damage. Cleric boy swings and hits for 11 points of damage. Yoshi swings and drops one. The lost dwarves swing and miss us all. Sark casts eldrish blast and hits one for 22 damage. Thurilin ends up clearing the room but all of one mobs, and still ends up hitting that one for 15 points of damage. Wow rolled a crit on a cleave roll, and dropped it with 57 points of damage. Thrognik runs up and checks the door. It’s locked; he then goes to the altar in the middle of the room. Dark shroud swings and misses. Kurggan drops the last one. We all focus on the chest in the middle of the room. 982 experience of to the party. It is 5 ft long and 3 ft high. Dark shroud searches it for traps, no traps where detected. Dark shroud tries to pick the lock, and he manages to pick it open. We open it and find inside we find a single black stone. It is polished black stone. It is about 6 inches in size. As the lid opens, the locked doors begin to open. It reveals a hallway into a larger room. In the middle is a large platform with a pedestal with what looks like a seat of some kind. There is also like some ghostly specters floating around in the middle. They are not even paying attention to us. Thruilin approaches the center pedestals, written in it is the name stardealt. Dark shroud hands Turilin the gem. He puts it into the pedestal and it descends him down about 400 feet to the bottom of a round room with a set of four doors. He takes the gem out and it takes him back up to the top. The rest of the party gets on the platform and we descend to the bottom. We try to open the door to the north. It opens up into a narrow corridor and opens up into a room with a casket in the back. Dark shroud checks it for traps. He detects a mechanism. Dark shroud manages to disable the trap and we open it. It is completely empty. We open the door to the west. There is another casket. It is made of red granite with no fancy writing on it. Dark Shroud checks it for traps. No traps were found on this one, but he fails to manage to pick the lock. He manages to pick the lock he second times. As the lid is lifted, the room begins to fill with gas. There is nothing inside this one also. The door to the south is a larger room singing the praises of lord Stardealt. There is nothing in this room at all. The last room is lined with green marble, which is absolutely empty. We search the room and Thurilin finds a secret room in this room. It opens up into a larger room with another pedestal in it. We go back and search the empty room, we find a lose section on the floor. When it’s pushed the floor opens up into a staircase leading down with a coffin inside. There are no traps on it. We open it up and there’s a large whirling sound as a large blade swings out and almost beheads Dark shroud. In side is a white gem. We go and use the white gem, and it begins to descend about 200 feet. It takes us down to a door in front of us. There is a picture in the doors that look like our hammers. We push doors open and it leads us into an elaborate corridor with a set of double doors on the other end. As we push the other doors open the other doors behind us close. This room is lined with gold and some fine goods at one time. There is another set of doors and engraved in them is “ He lies king Stardealt, the greatest of the day kings” inside is a large casket with a skeleton with it’s arm waving. As Thurilin enters the room and approaches the casket the room and the corridor fills with fire, with everybody taking 52 points of damage. It turns out that it was a dummy casket and that it was filled with gunpowder. There is molten lead poured into the door seams of the door in the back of this room. We all manage to survive the blast and Baffren uses his knock spell and with some digging we manage to loosen the seals enough to open the doors. Inside this room we find a large bronze coffin with a rune of a hammer over a miners pick. We search it for traps and find nothing. We open it up and find skeletal remains of a dwarf. It is wearing a nice set of armor and is wearing a crown and a ring. He is also wearing on his arm on platinum sestis. We all take another 1800 exp. for not dying for the night. We leave off here. We will pick up in two weeks time. Same D&D time…same D&D place ….same D&D channel….. nah nah nah nahhhhhhh….BATMAN!!!! SESSION 7.20.07 Okay it’s been a while here…. So we are getting our bearings together. We call and rip on Phil for going to a gay camp out. We are now also getting into Starbuck. We begin to head back up to the surface and head on out. We acceded the first layer. We start hearing a loud wooing sound coming from above. As we get to the top we find the rest of the dwarves party all dead and there skin has been removed. Darkshroud hides in shadows and moves silently. He sees in the courtyard I giant white glowing light that is throbbing and pulsating in the courtyard. As he turns around to come back and find us he sees a dark figure sitting on the throne. Turilin storms out to see what’s going on and confronts the person. He is inquiring about the platinum sceists. Turilin sees a light skinned drow with fangs and clad in leather. He tells us that he is the one who killed the other dwarves in the party. He again questions us saying that we can either give it to us…or deal with the now hundreds of orcs and goblins gathering outside. We tell him to go to hell and he disappears in a puff of smoke. With the courtyard filling with more orcs and goblins and the like. We decide that Turilin (Darryl) is going to don the gear, crown, ring, and the platinum scesits on. We are going to use the horn of fog that Turilin bought a while ago to fill the courtyard with smoke and we are going to try and scare them as many of them away as possible. Kraggok and Turilin both drink their potions of bull strength. We have intimidated them all with that affect. We managed to clear all the orcs and hobgoblins have been literally stumbling over themselves to get the hell out of the city as Turilin says in a booming intimating voice “I am king Stardealt and this is my city!!!…. If you value your lives leave my city now!” We managed to clear out almost all the orcs and goblins out of the main courtyard. As we make it to the main gate the drow reappears impressed that we managed do what he couldn’t do in the last fifty years, and that was to clear out the orcs and goblins out of the city. As we hear them running off they are shouting that the king has returned. We walked out the main gates and close them behind us and make it back to the other Dwarfen City. 1500 exp. for doing this. We make it inside and tell the dwarfed leaders of our findings. The leaders son mentioned that has Turilin, who is still wearing the king’s armor, that has he claimed the leadership of the kingdom? They also tell us that the drow twins have arrived down here and are awaiting the dwarven brothers. When we walk in and meet him, they look exactly like the drow we saw in the day king kingdom.. It turns out that it is there twin brother. He has turned against the family way and taken on vampirism. He also used there spare key a back door in dwarvenhearth and has converted about 100 followers. They are more in the trade business and have no love for their fallen brother. Also when we came back the other drow that were on the city council took off and disappeared along with the king. The sisters gave us some of the dirt of his gravesite of where he was buried so that we can properly kill him. We also tell them about his sword. They don’t know much about it unless they can see it. We go back to the city of dwarvenhearth. As we start to approach the city we pass several patrolling the area and heading to the city. The drow are holed up in the kingdom of the night king. We make it to the bridge entrance and try to cover the bridge in fog. Gary from the other side tries to cover it in fog from the other side. He hears some familiar voices from the other side of the door and a fireball detonates on the bridge and dissipates the fog, so we decide to just run for it. As we run we start getting rained on with a hail of arrows from the walls that blackens out the sun, so we decide to fight in the shade. We take some hits but manage to make it across. Darkshoud tries to pick the lock and as we get hit by a fireball and all take about 32 damage. Since brute force didn’t work, we try to mention how his sisters have sent us on a diplomatic approach to try and draw him out so we can have a chance to get inside. When we say this we hear a sound of laughter and hear sound of someone casting a spell…behind us we see a coalesce of green light and a large spider appears to destroy us!! Sark turns invis and floats up to one of the arrow slots and hits one of the drow with a condensed acid attack for about 25 points of damage. Drindan casts stone skin on Turilin as Turilin attacks the spider for 23 points of damage. The spider stumbles on the first attack on the dwarf. Now in range….Turilin gets attacked by magic missiles for about 37 points of damage and then gets attacked by arrows for 29 points of damage. Thrognik., annoyed that his brother ran out, runs out to join him in attacking the spider, and attacks for 44 points of damage. Sark drops one of the drow mages for 29 points of damage. Kraggok attacks the door to no avail. Darkshoud again tries to pick the lock but fails. Turilin attacks and misses. Drindian comes out and heals Turilin for 31 points of damage. A fireball drops on us including on the spider for 36 points of damage or 16 for half, and another fireball attack for 43 damage or again 16 for half. The spider takes full damage on both fireball attacks. Throngnik attacks and hits for 17 points of damage. Sark uses dimension door and ports his way inside. Thrognik uses a hero point and does a maximized laying of hands for 48 points on a heal and gets hit for only 10 points of damage from the spider attack. Drindan now heals himself of 29 more points. An awful smelling cloud begins to form behind us on the bridge. Sark turns himself invisible and heads downstairs towards the door where several drow are located and it is beamed with a heavy-pinned steel beam. He moves into position to attack two of the drow in the arrow slots. Darkshoud again (not knowing that it is beamed shut) and again fails. Turilin attacks the spider for 34 points of damage. Drindan casts holy word: kill on the spider and it is banished back to its plane of extinction. We all run back to the main door


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